The Office of Independent Review (OIR) assists the public and the  Orange County Board of Supervisors through its oversight of five county agencies. Its work is zealously focused on addressing and preventing harm to the public and County whenever possible. On a day-to-day basis, the OIR scrutinizes policies, practices, and specific incidents that may reveal systemic issues so that it can work to address them. It accomplishes this by working with the agencies within its jurisdiction, the Board, and the public to increase transparency, facilitate accountability, and ensure compliance with applicable law and best practices.

The OIR and its work will always adhere to and reflect the following principles:

Independence: The OIR carries out its work free from improper interference, obstruction, or influence. Its fact-finding will be motivated by a zealous focus on understanding high-risk County practices, ensuring compliance with applicable law and best practices, and preventing harm to the public and the County whenever possible

Transparency and Accountability: Consistent with applicable laws, the OIR prioritizes the issuance of periodic and special reports, with the aim of contributing to the Board and public’s understanding of the policies and practices of the County agencies it oversees.

Integrity: The OIR and its staff conduct its work in accordance with all applicable laws, codes of conduct, and oversight best practices.

Responsiveness: The OIR continuously communicates with the community, the Board, and relevant County agency staff, with a focus on ensuring that its work is reflective of their needs.