AB 732 OCSD Compliance Report

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AB-732 OCSD Compliance Report

The OIR AB 732 OCSD Compliance Report is an independent review of the Orange County Sheriff's Department's (OCSD) adherence to Assembly Bill 732. The Assembly Bill 73 expands the quality of healthcare and accommodations for incarcerated individuals, particularly pregnant persons. This review was initiated due to a lack of publicly available information on the implementation of AB 732 in OCSD facilities. The report highlights that the OCSD and Correctional Health Services (CHS) have made significant efforts to comply with the new legal requirements, including updating policies, automating prenatal care scheduling, and assigning dedicated special “MOM” nurses for pregnant inmates. However, some areas require improvement to ensure full compliance and accessibility to all incarcerated individuals.

The review also addresses specific concerns such as the provision of personal hygiene products, family planning services, and medical care during and after pregnancy. The OIR found that while the OCSD has implemented many necessary practices and procedures, there are still gaps that need to be addressed. The report concludes with several recommendations aimed at enhancing the compliance and quality of care provided to incarcerated individuals, ensuring that their rights under AB 732 are fully upheld. 

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